ANR 2011 "Subduction: standard and slow seismology"

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Wednesday 14 December 2011 by Jean

Interaction between partners

- Jean Virieux (PI) is in charge of managing this task.

As we focus on two main areas of subduction zones (Chili and Mexico), we have a natural coordination as this project could be inserted into the frame of « Sites instrumentés » supported by CNRS/INSU along its observatory leadership. The natural interaction between Task 2 and Task 4 should exchange of computer codes as those developed in Task 4 should be inserted (at least some modules) into those involved in Task 2. The same parallel architecture could be drawn between Task 3 and Task 5, although the interaction status is less mature because of the problem novelty. Because of similarities of the physics between dynamic rupture modeling and slow rupture modeling, we expect interaction between Task 4 and Task 5 on rupture physics as well as for local and semi-local inversion of Task 2 and Task 3 with quite different datasets giving us complementary interpretation for a general mechanical understanding.

Some data are not open as they were collected by different organisms. We shall investigate how to make them available during this project for all partners.

Similarly, computer codes devoted to inversion and to forward modeling will be exchanged between partners.

Scientific interaction will be performed for annual meetings as well as scientific visits between partners. The complementarity of scientific competences between partners guarantees an intense cooperation.

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